Continuing medical education and Continuing Professional Development (CME/CPD) are schemes to improve the medical and related skills of medical practitioners. This is crucial to the sustenance of quality of healthcare services. CME/CPD programs have always been an important part of activities by AGPMPN state branches, with National making a significant contribution with our Annual Scientific Conferences.

However, a formal system of accreditation for CME/CPD, tied to renewal of practicing license, which has been in the pipeline of the MDCN for many years, is yet to take off. The accreditation system, which has been receiving much attention in recent years, will require every practitioner under 70 years of age, to obtain at least 36 CME/CPD credit points in two years to qualify for renewal of practicing license, provided that not less than 12 credit points shall be obtained in one year. The MDCN will accredit various organizations, including AGPMPN, to run CME/CPD courses under specific guidelines on course-content, credit-points course-fees, etc.