About Us

Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN) is the umbrella organization for all medical and dental doctors in private practice either as owners or employees.

Although private medical practice started in 1909, a formal Association of Private Practitioners was formed about 1921 under the name Association of General Medical Practitioners of Nigeria. Later on, in the late 1980s, the name of the Association was changed to Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria, to address the concerns of members who are specialists.

The Association is organized on National, State and Zonal Basis across Nigeria.
The highest authority in the organization is the Annual General Meeting, AGM, held during the Annual Scientific Conference. In between AGMs, the Association is controlled by the National Executive Council, NEC, which consists of the National Officers and Chairmen and Secretaries of state branches.

The NEC meets about four times a year in states that volunteer to host the meetings. The National President of the Association, in consultation with other National officers, directs the affairs of the Association in between NEC meetings.